The Building


Building Black

When you walk through The Center’s doors, all of your senses will be deeply immersed in the richness of Black culture.

This three-level, 65,000-square foot destination will be a landmark in the region with its cultural impact as well as its physical imprint.

Every Year The Center Will Support:

6,000 Students learning Black history and inspired to dream and excel.

8,000 People revitalized by Black performances and art.

3,000 Seniors sharing their wisdom and experiences across generations.

175 Members of The Center for Black Innovation and Leadership.

Project Timeline

Madison’s Black Renaissance

The Center’s location is deliberate – It will be in the heart of South Madison, building upon the historic beauty and innovation of some of the city’s oldest Black neighborhoods. The Center will combine with important local projects that are counteracting potential gentrification by building new legacies upon the foundation of our elders who have gone before us.

Where to Find Us

Situated on 3.5 acres on the 700 block of West Badger Road in the historic Black neighborhood of S. Park Street, The Center will be a prominent landmark along the Beltline when it opens in the fall of 2023.

On the 700 block of West Badger Road and South Park Street, along the West Beltline Highway.