Attorneys for Black Excellence

We're thrilled about the enormous potential in The Center as a place for meaningful connection, collaboration and to give back to and empower the communities. Firms will have a powerful tool to help encourage Black talent in Wisconsin law schools – and elsewhere – to practice in Wisconsin.
Help us raise $250,000 to build The Center and raise awareness about the importance of Black Professional representation within the legal community and beyond.
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Support increased representation in the legal community.

In collaboration with Husch Blackwell LLP, Wisconsin Association of African-American Lawyers (WAAL), Dewitt LLP, Boardman & Clark LLP, Renning Lewis & Legacy, and Perkins Coie, The Center is excited to announce its Attorneys for Black Excellence Initiative! Throughout Black History Month, we are encouraging law firms and individual attorneys to join with us in support of Black excellence and expanding Black representation within the legal community. With only 2% of all Dane County attorneys identifying as Black, The Center is a much-needed solution to address long-standing underrepresentation.
There are a few ways to help:
  • Provide a personal donation to the Attorneys for Black Excellence initiative
  • Encourage your law firm to give a donation
  • Invite Dr. Alex Gee, CEO & Founder of The Center, to speak at your law firm with attorneys and staff about Black Excellence in honor of Black History Month (contact [email protected] for more information)

Attorney Donors

Husch Blackwell LLP

Dewitt LLP
Boardman & Clark LLP
Renning Lewis Legacy 
Perkins Coie
Krystal Williams-Oby, Renning Lewis Legacy 
Daniel O’Callaghan, Carlson Black O’callaghan & Battenberg LLP
Lynn Stathas, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren
Todd Smith, Godfrey Kahn

Alyssa LeRoy, Husch Blackwell
Benjamin Streckert,  Husch Blackwell
Catherine Albrecht-Wiese,  Husch Blackwell
Eugenia Carter,  Husch Blackwell
Jon Anderson,  Husch Blackwell 


Joseph Diedrich,  Husch Blackwell
Josephine Wergin,  Husch Blackwell
Kela Fry Feldman,  Husch Blackwell
Kimberly Gutierrez,  Husch Blackwell
Melinda Giftos,  Husch Blackwell
Melissa Williams,  Husch Blackwell
Natalia Kruse,  Husch Blackwell
Paul Cranley,  Husch Blackwell
Paul Dombrowski,  Husch Blackwell
Peggy Barlett,  Husch Blackwell
Richard Lewandowski,  Husch Blackwell
Sverre Roang,  Husch Blackwell
Thomas Heneghan,  Husch Blackwell
Thomas Shorter,  Husch Blackwell
Wendy Arends, Husch Blackwell
Nicole Schram, Boardman Clark
Julia Potter