• The Center and MG&E
    We’re happy to count Madison Gas and Electric as a valuable contributor to our capital campaign! Thank you for supporting The Center and Madison’s Black community with your generous gift.
  • Black Excellence in Education
    Making sure schools are a supportive place for Black children and their ideas and identities is an immensely important role for Black educators. Meet Becky Peterson, who does just that as an educator in the Madison Metropolitan School District and at Edgewood College. “Black Excellence in education means nurturing young people’s unique gifts and talents. … Read more
  • Thoughts on Black Excellence in Education
    We’re privileged to feature Rachelle Stone, who is a teacher in the Madison Metropolitan School District. “When I think about Black Excellence in education in Madison I think of the ability to be whatever you want to be as a Black person and that can be what defines you. We are not a monolithic community … Read more
  • The Center for Black Excellence and the Packers Foundation
    We’re gaining incredible momentum, as we have the pleasure of adding the Green Bay @packers Foundation to our growing list of influential donors. The gift doesn’t become official until our community is able to match it, so help us reach this $250,000 milestone by contributing today.
  • Black Excellence in Education for Madison, WI
    Black Excellence in education is empowered by uninhibited Black educators speaking into learning experiences.  Also, by creating safe and welcoming black spaces within our current systems that encourage black learners to be their authentic selves. By working in a community together, creating, learning, leading, and thriving with loud expectation-we belong.  Black Excellence in Madison needs … Read more