The Center

For Black Excellence and Culture

The Center is a community-wide effort to bring together a collective Black brilliance to affirm, inspire and advance the Black community in Madison and beyond.

Teaching Black achievement. Showcasing Black excellence in action. Celebrating Black culture.

Madison’s Black community needs a place to come together.

A place to cultivate and celebrate our culture. A place to fill up on inspiration, opportunities and hope so we can take all that positivity back out into the world.

Madison needs The Center for Black Excellence and Culture.

Rev. Dr. Alex Gee

“Culture is the way we bequeath greatness to the next generation.”

Rev. Dr. Alex Gee

The Center’s Founder

Reverend Dr. Alex Gee, Jr. has long lamented Madison’s absence of Black cultural space. After listening to the Black community for 30 years, his vision for The Center is clear: rebuild our people, rebuild our culture, rebuild our wealth and, ultimately, rebuild our community.

A powerhouse team of Black leaders have joined Alex to bring this vision to life, and Black voices are impacting the creation of The Center at every turn. Many organizations have also stepped up to lend their support.