Black Excellence Campaign

Building Our Community Together

August 15 – October 15

We are asking hundreds of Black people to give the first gifts towards the building of The Center. Let’s show that we have the power and commitment of the Black community to make this project happen! Our goal is to raise $50,000 from up to 500 Black contributors by October 15. Give in your name, your children’s names and/or in memoriam of a Black elder.

Be a Part of This Historic Moment in Madison

This is the first multi-million dollar transformational project in Madison, led by and for the Black community. This is our time – the time to show the strength and leadership of our community.

Follow Our Progress

Black donations of any size from $10 – $10,000+ will be recognized on our website, on our social media, and on a special tribute honoring the first Black donors of The Center inside our future building.*

THANK YOU to the following Black donors who have contributed to our Black Excellence campaign!

In Honor and Memory


Rev. Lilada Gee, in memory of:

  • Lilian Evans

  • Homer Grays, Sr. 

  • Eli & Mary Johnson 

  • Clifford Knights

  • Annie Laura Taylor

  • Ada Johnson

In memory of LaVelle F. Rudd 

In honor of Mr. Arree Macon

Constance Miles, in memory of Ms. Milele Chikasa Anana.

Nigel Hayes-Davis, in honor of Talaya and Albert Davis 

Katrina Nelson, in honor of John Ike Moton

Donna Gilbert, in memory of Melissa Michelle Gilbert

Mona Adams Winston, in memory of Ms. Addrena “Supergram” Matthews Squires

Ms. Pia Kinney James, in honor of Herman and Doris Barlow Kinney

Sherry and John Lucille, in honor of Mabel Gaines and Ada Lucille

Jeremiah and Desiree Fleming, in memory of Jeremiah and Bessie Fleming

Annette Miller, in honor of Arlene, Jerry, and June Miller

In honor of Kylie Schmitt and Desi Schmitt

Ozanne Anderson In honor of Lori Carey 

Deirdre Morgan in honor of Julius Morgan

Verona Morgan in honor of Julius Morgan

Rodney Tapp, Sr. in honor of Wanda Tapp, Marie Tapp

Fabu Carter in honor of Dr. Alex Gee

In honor of Dr. Fannie E. F. Hicklin

Velma J. Ritcherson in honor of Coach Lewis H. Ritcherson 

Linda Myles in honor of Carnice & Dorothy Laine 

Barbara Boustead, in memory of Milele Chikasa Anana

Sherry Lucille in honor of: 

  • Casaundra Lucille 
  • John Lucille IV
  • Jaleesa Cox 

Freida High Wasikhongo Tesfagiorgis, in honor of Mr. John Henry and Mrs. Freddie Drungole High

Toya Whitaker- Johnson, in honor of Frances Huntley- Cooper

Charles and Candace McDowell, in honor of Chano Nunez 

Deborah Biddle, in honor of: 

  • Harvey R. Vaughn 
  • Robert L. Biddle 
  • Deborah and Lloyd Biddle 
  • Jason Biddle 
  • Jared Biddle 

Unknown Riders M.C., in honor of Robert L. Boone 

Shelly Godar, in honor of Alamin & Kadijah Fatajo

Mary Boone, in honor of: 

  • Curtis and Carrie Boone
  • Alyssa Mick 
  • Janessa Boone 
  • Michael Cannon 

Jonathan Orr, in honor of: 

  • Heydie Orrr
  • Carsyn Orr
  • Catheryn Orr 
  • Owen Orr

Terrance Green, in honor of: 

  • Terrance & Brandelyn Green 
  • Riley-Grace Green 
  • Jordyn Green 
  • Baby Green

Leslie Petty, in memory of Mary C. Smith and Emmitt & Dorothy Petty 

Annik Dupaty, in memory of Freddie Alexander Marsh-Lott

Henry Sanders, in honor of the Sanders family 

Jacquelyn Hunt, in memory of Aviation Historian Rufus A. Hunt Jr. 

Opal Ellyse Tomashevska, in memory of George “Judy” Thomas

In honor of Mary Wells 

Alyssa Mick, in honor of Je’Kyah Mick, Jenaisha and Blessance Mick, Jaylah and Jaharr Mick Smith 

Toya Whitaker-Johnson, in honor of Frances Huntley-Cooper

*We welcome and appreciate gifts from our non-Black supporters, too and will recognize your donations on our Center giving wall inside the future building.
Black Excellence Campaign Progress

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